How To Choose The Best Snorkel Mask

choosing the right mask

It is important to select the best snorkel mask since it has a major impact on how much you will enjoy your snorkeling experience.  You ideally want a mask that fits your face comfortably so that you won’t even remember that it is on.  However, each person’s face is different, so therefore no mask is right for every individual.  There are several different factors of the mask that need to be considered in order to determine the one that is best for you and your situation.


If you are shopping for a mask to buy, you need to make sure it has the right materials.  The best are silicone skirts since over time rubber skirts will begin to crack as they start becoming brittleSilicone masks last for many years, and when you are purchasing a mask, they are considered to be a better investment.

Vision Enhancing Coatings

There are some masks that offer the option of vision enhancing coatings.  If you think you might be snorkeling in lighting conditions that are less than ideal then that might be a good idea.  There is a coating on the mask lenses that increases clarity underwater in poor lighting conditions.  That doesn’t mean you will have the ability the to see in the dark.

When snorkeling the tinting that gets added to the lenses makes images clearer through cutting down on the glare.  Certain light wavelengths are also filtered by the lenses, which helps you be able to see better when you are underwater. Although the lenses do allow you to see more while you ar

e snorkeling, it isn’t worth spending a lot of extra money.

No Fog Lenses

Your snorkeling experience will be very unpleasant if your mask is fogged up.  Therefore, that is something you need to consider.  No fog lenses are made by many mask manufacturers, however, that doesn’t mean they will actually be completely fog free.  What it does means if they will have very low fog and a very low amount of preparation will be necessary to keep them free of fog while snorkeling.

Consider Peripheral Vision  

When first looking at masks you might not think about peripheral vision. However, it is an important factor.  Many masks will make the person wearing it feel like they have tunnel vision.  That is not good.  You need to try on masks to see to what extent it constricts your vision.  Once you have put on the mask roll your eyes and check your peripheral vision to see if it is good for you.

If you want to have the biggest viewing angle of any mask, take a look at the H20 Ninja Mask on It has a new design that makes for the widest possible viewing angle. You can read the latest information on these kind of masks on Twitter.

Low Volume Masks

snorkeling in Bali with schools of tiger fish

Whenever you dive underwater, the water’s weight will cause the air inside your mask to compress.  More pressure is applied the deeper you go.  For this pressure to be counteracted, you need to slightly exhale through your nose and fill the mask with your air to equalize the pressure.  The air volume inside your mask affects this, and so that needs to be considered.

For snorkeling, a low volume mask is advised since the lenses are located closer to your face, which reduces how much air there is.  The less the amount of air there is inside the mask the less you will need to blow inside to equalize the pressure.  Another thing that low volume masks help with is fogging since the less you exhale inside the mask, the less likely fogging will occur.

The Skirt On The Mask   

Whenever you are searching for a snorkel mask, it is important to take the skirt into consideration.  That is the part of the mask that comes into contact with your skin.  There are a range of different widths that skirts come in, and you need to determine which one best fits your face.  A wide skirt is recommended since you want to have more of the edge contacting your skin.  The seal is tighter with the more contact, and less water will also get in.

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