Practicing Safety While Snorkeling

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Safely come back from you awesome snorkeling trip

A lot of people all over the world enjoy snorkeling and spending time seeing beautiful marine animals, coral reefs, and much more. Snorkeling can be done as an excursion on vacation, or as a reason to go on holiday itself. Either way, when snorkeling it is important to practice proper safety to have the best, and safest, experience in the water possible. In this article, we will discuss some of these safety tips. Let’s get started!

1. Practice “The Buddy System.”

When it comes to snorkeling or doing any potentially dangerous activity, it is important not to do it alone. That’s where the buddy system enters into play. While enjoying the water, be sure to have a friend snorkeling with you, and stay close to each other to ensure that you are each safe.

2. Snorkel in Clear Water

While it can be tempting to snorkel as soon as you can, it’s safer for yourself and your snorkeling party as a whole to only enjoy water that is clear, not murky or hard to see through.

3. Check the Conditions of Weather

Before you enter the water, it is important to have checked the weather for the area you plan to snorkel in. You want to check current conditions, waves, and the wind for each day you plan to be out. And speaking of currents, if you find yourself caught in one, do NOT swim against it. You want to swim perpendicular to the current to get free.

4. Avoid Alcohol Impairment

drinking while swimmingThis tip should go without saying, but when it comes to snorkeling, it’s important to have all of your wits about you. That means you should not enter the water after having consumed alcoholic beverages, or any other substance that can alter your awareness. Save the drinks for another time.

5. Keep Your Hands to Yourself

What does this mean? Simply put, keeping your hands to yourself means not approaching animals and organisms that live in the water and touching them. Observe these beautiful creatures instead of physically interacting with them. This will help to keep yourself and your party safe while enjoying the water.

6. Stay Close to the Shore

When you are snorkeling, it’s important to be prepared for anything. And one part of being prepared is to stay close to shore. If any emergency should arise, you want to be able to reach safety as quickly as possible. So be sure not to stray too far into the water.

7. Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When you are in the ocean, sea, etc., you are not only in the water with your snorkeling party but marine animals who are right at home. Therefore, it is important always to know what is going on around you while you are enjoying a snorkeling expedition. If you sense danger, do not ignore your instincts. Use common sense, alert your buddy if you feel it is time to make a change, and do not do anything that you feel against doing.

8. Keep Your Mask Clear

If you plan on snorkeling, it is a good idea to place No Fog within your mask. That way your vision is never impaired while you are enjoying your experience in the water. See for the best masks and No Fog lubricants. You can also check their Snorkel Gear Pinterest if you need inspiration for your next trip.

In conclusion, practicing proper safety while snorkeling is essential to having the best experience you can while in the water. Before planning your snorkeling trip, it’s important to have had training by professionals or to bring a guide with you. Using the safety tips within this article is sure to lay the foundation for a fantastic vacation. Good luck!